Sunday, March 21


David Headley has pleaded guilty on all 12 charges and cannot be extradited to India. Besides, he has struck a deal with the US government by signing the plea agreement. In the agreement, Headley has admitted to conspiring with LeT members, meeting with and receiving instructions from them. He has also admitted to attending training camps organized by LeT in Pakistan on 5 separate occasions. He has also admitted to being privy to the attacks planned in Mumbai and dispatch the team of attackers, by sea.

What is striking is the fact that the person who is guilty (now admitted) of the havoc done in Mumbai on 26/11 cannot be questioned by India on the Indian soil. Yes, India has been allowed to interrogate him only on American soil.

He will most probably be sentenced for 20 years of imprisonment, suggest experts. Indian government says that this is the minimum sentence and anything lesser than that is unacceptable. 20 years of imprisonment (death penalty not possible) for a person who can be called a mass murderer? Ironic.

Is this what this government has to offer? Aren’t they supposed to safeguard India’s interest? Yes, they want to maintain good relations with US, but at what cost? The trial of Kasab is going on at a pace unimaginable, especially when the charge sheet consists of more than 11,000 pages and enough evidence to sentence him to death.

When should the common man expect justice? Will it always take eternity to get justice? The victims of 84 riots, Mumbai blasts in 93, 02’Godhra and so many more are still awaiting their turn for justice. Will they always get dates and summons to appear in the court? Are 17 or 20 years not enough to prove that some people are guilty and should be put behind the bars? Isn’t this a blot on the white fabric of the country which aspires to be a superpower?

The judicial system is floored in the country and one cannot deny that unless that is made good for, people like David headley will always get away.


  1. i have already told u my thots on this one...wat i rlly like though is ur knowledge abt all this...rlly cool amit!! cheers.