Wednesday, March 24


( Includes excerpts from my diary)

Well, Devang has already written about almost everything and I don't want to repeat them. I will tell you this from my angle which is probably different from any other.

" its 12.40 in the morning and I am sitting at the marine drive"

The day started with the news that I would be watching the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders match at the Brabourne stadium in the VIP lounge. I was more than happy. It was beyond it. Maybe ecstatic. But I knew it would be a day I will remember forever. I was waiting for the classes to get over. And as they did, I went back to my house and got dressed up. I would be lying if I say that I was casual about it. We went to station straightaway and while Devang was probably brimming with excitement, I was trying to be calm. I was. We reached the station bought the tickets and boarded the train. We started our journey at 3.30 and I wasn't certain of my emotions at that moment. I just stood there and listened to the music while he was blabbering. I was getting disturbed because I was trying to imagine someone in place of a moron standing in front of me. I was at peace while all this was going on. 4 hours later, I was in queue at the Dadar station and was trying to reach the Vodafone house as quickly as possible. 10 minutes later, we were running faster than a sports bike. I was running as if my life was at stake. We did not want to miss the match. I had the tickets in my hand as we were running back to Lower Parel station. 20 mins later and a lot of struggle (to find the place and with the security), I stepped inside the Brabourne stadium.

"the song is nice and I am doing the most cliched thing. writing."

As I stepped in,I heard a huge roar. "Sachin Sachin Sachin........". It was something which I had never heard before. It was my first visit to a stadium. I was enjoying Sachin's batting. As they say, even I saw god! Dada's team was not in the best of form and it was showing. Because of the VIP pass, we were allowed to take as much advantage as we could. I took four PEPSI and was unapologetic( people from UP can understand it). While KKR (my team) was losing I was enjoying myself. With a PEPSI in one hand and popcorn in the other I was looking at Dada who was fielding at some 20 feet from me. It was unimaginable for me who is almost like a devotee. There, my hero was standing! I was.. , I dont know how to explain. I took in everything as much as I could as the match was coming to an end just when Dada took a marvellous catch. Hopes were revived but to no use as they lost the match.
We lost the match and the wounded tiger was going back to his den.

"I am happy today"

We went inside the VVIP pass area and saw all the players. I took an autograph of Lalit Modi. Sounds weird but I did what I felt like doing at that moment. Then I took an autograph from Nita Ambani. Devang was excited. sample:

Devang to Nita: " ma'am can you please sign twice?

I was surprised. But just then I saw Dada moving towards his car. I started moving too. Even though I was walking, I was running from inside (if you can understand). I followed him and just when I was almost some 4 steps away from him, a policeman stopped me. I missed him. He was gone. But maybe it is because I will get to interview him one day. Maybe..
But I was surprised at the fact that we saw so many so-called-stars when we were not allowed to do so. It was fun. As we came out of the stadium, I saw Anjali Doshi (senior correspondent, NDTV 24*7). We chatted with her for 5 mins after which we went to the Marine Drive.

"simple joys of life"

I was sitting there at the marine drive all alone ( I had sent Devang for a walk). I started writing in my new diary (blog is an extension). I was thinking of something and wrote it down. I was thinking of my parents who got me here, I was thinking of a friend who made me what I am and I was thinking of...(sorry, cant tell you guys). I was at peace with myself after a long time, especially after a torturous last week. I was calm and satisfied, trying to befriend the sea. I was happy. I was sure that it was a once in a lifetime experience...

"I want this moment to be still. forever."

We then started walking towards the Dadar station. A long and tiring journey. So, we hired a cab and went to Dadar bus station. We again got a cab which dropped us at the Pune station at 6.15 and I was home by 6.35 am.

" like all good things this has to come to an end.
it HAS".

P.S- Thank you Devang!


  1. nice. i like. and yeah ur welcome! it was good u came along!

  2. I noticed. Your team was KKR. Hugs for that. :)