Monday, April 5


The other day I saw Hey Ram for the first time (ashamed of it). I guess it was shown for the brilliance of it and not otherwise!
I was in a state of trance for sometime. I didn't know whom to talk to or whom to shout at? I was just unhappy and sad. The reason was the same old cliched question- where is the 'unity in diversity'?

Cliched, I know.

But what I don't know is till when are we going to do this to none but ourselves? Till when?
I am brought up in a place which has a history of communal riots, last one happened couple of years ago(not huge but still). That divide is still there and growing deeper and deeper. I was always told to be apprehensive of 'these' people. I never understood it. Never. In fact, my school had more students from a particular area where people from a particular community lived. I was terrified with the way people from a particular community treated the others. I was horrified. Thanks to my upbringing and some films,I understood the cause (just a bit) very early. I was away from that divide yet always near. The most important element of all this is the fact that not a single person could furnish me a concrete answer to this question- "why are they different from us?". Some would say that they are traitors, some would say they are 'Kaafir'. I could not believe my ears. Any rational Indian wouldn't. They had no answer whatsoever!
I tried to do some research and find out why and when this all started.

It all began in the late 19th century when both the communities were getting united to fight for independence. Their unity was short lived because British were clever enough to use the policy still used for the same- 'Divide and Rule'. The result was a Muslim League formed by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, historically believed to be one of the most secular leaders. What followed was battle for supremacy and in some years we got independence. We got India minus Pakistan. That was the seed planted by the then leaders and we bear the brunt of it till today and will continue to do so forever.
There were wars in 1948, 65 and 71. We won every time but what we lost is trust. Trust in ourselves.

I don't care for Pakistan because that is a mistake which cannot be undone now. So lets grant that.
What I care for is what happened to people who live in our country. We were supposed to be the most diverse country, culturally. What happened to us?
We forgot that some people chose to live in India while some never wanted to go. They became a part of the UNION OF INDIA.

They are part of India. But what have we done? We have written history with each other's blood, at many instances. Some popular cases are the 89 riots,Babri demolition, 93 riots and many more. We have exploited all the chances to the utmost and will continue to do so.

We have some really worthy leaders like Varun Gandhi who believe in 'chopping off hands' while others believe in questioning national icons who have done the country proud so many times because they are of A particular community.They don't consider the fact that the other person's father was one of the youngest freedom fighters while they haven't done anything worth mentioning. I am sorry, I forgot they gave us Babri demolition,93 riots. But they would say what about the 'Bombay' blasts and my answer is simple- "hang the guilty, not the people who unfortunately belong to a religion these murderers say they belong to".

Many a times, sorry all the time the sufferer is no one but the common man who wants bread and a roof. Thats all that he needs. But he gets things more than that so many times. We can take names from that of the three ruling Khans(common example) to the former president APJ Abdul Kalam, from Mir Ranjan Negi to Irfan Pathan and Ashfaqullah Khan to Bhagat Singh. Some have died and others will follow but they will never be able to prove that these religions have become a part of India's DNA now!
You cant deny that if not accept it.

Everyone who says that he/she wants to safeguard the interest of a particular community is lying because religion is practiced behind closed doors. It is the vested interest which becomes the driving force and the common man suffers. The whole country suffers. India suffers.!

A child who is too innocent to understand all this is made to understand that he is different from another child of his age because he wears a white cap on Fridays!

History has it that you cannot isolate these two but it also has that you cant get them together.

Maybe we will continue to write novels, make films and do whatever we can to bring them together, fact is we cant unless they want.
Maybe I don't agree with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but I agree with him once,when i hear


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