Tuesday, April 13


Finally, KKR is out of IPL officially and this is the third consecutive occasion. Tired of Dada and SRK apologizing time and again. Just not happening for them. They try hard every time but sometimes it just doesn't go your way. This was one such unfortunate incident.

The team tries to play well but when it comes close to a win, they just lose. Every loss could be felt when one looked at those fiery eyes of Dada turning sad. Just now Shah Rukh Khan said that he will not promise anything for the next season as it is futile to talk about. Their chances are not bleak,their efforts are. That is what bothers everyone. Not that they don't work in the right direction, the output is not worth it!
Sadly, we are out this season also!!

Sometimes, your efforts go unnoticed and unrecognized. Now, I understand! Doesn't matter how hard you hard you try, its the final result which is you are known for! And I can guarantee I have understood this really well now. I always believed in this theory but its understanding was not as much. Really life teaches you every day, every moment!

Last couple of weeks haven't been that great, to put it mildly. Every step taken was either wrong or proved to be so. In fact the consequences have been a little undesirable. Yeah. So what if I didn't intend to do anything which could cause troubles to anyone, from friends to foes to none. But the thing is that it turned out to be exactly the case. Maybe, once again, I got it all wrong. Sometimes the third person perspective is so much more convenient and soothing. Can we opt to live as a third person and watch our lives unfolding in front of us without being affected? No we can't. Honestly, I don't want it to happen that way. It will limit my perspective. Also, these roller coaster rides will also be denied by life for 'supposedly COWARDS' if they don't want to experience it first hand.

The efforts to better what you did last time around also goes waste because half your energies are wasted on inconsequential elements while the other half goes on lamenting what happened previously.More often than not, these pessimistic thoughts are passed onto the near ones and because they are 'near', they also manage to cause problems for themselves. In other words, "all izzz NOT well".

This is the your real test. This is the time when you need to get up and dust yourself. This is the time when you need to reinstate faith in yourself and commit yourself to fighting these situations. This is the challenge which life puts across to you.Fight it or perish.This is what makes you a winner or a loser....

The most successful captain of INDIAN cricket was once shown the doorway. A very clearly chalked out strategy was used to keep him away. He was told to retire. He said "I WON'T". He fought. He fought with great determination and 2 years later, he was brought back. He outplayed everyone on the ground. In fact, he outplayed himself. He was called the 'MASTER OF COMEBACKS'. He won that battle because he fought.
He always have been and will continue to do so forever...

"Saamne vijay ho ya parajay, yodha ka dharm hai larna. Akhri saans tak, khoon ke aakhri katre tak, larna".

Fighting is life's essence, and winning is the way especially if you have lost something....


  1. you entwine the tough times you go through in your life with now wit that of KKR....something new!i like it...also the fact that you dont want to give up and keep a optimistic outlook is something commendable...
    what happened with KKR we cannot change...What happens in your life you can!
    Go ahead bro!