Wednesday, May 19


Well, this post is dedicated to Malvika Asher, the first and only person till date who has asked me to update my blog!

So, this post is for you, Ei what re?

I was watching Rock On recently and suddenly realized the answers of many unanswered questions of my life. I never ever noticed the character of Rob. He wanted to live his life to the fullest for one last time. He had the support of his friends who wished to fulfill his desire. He died after living his dream, that of creating music with the people he wanted to. His character could have been showed in the light which we have seen in many earlier Hindi films, making him die of ‘LINFO CERCOMA OF THE INTESTINE’ (Anand was a great film and by no chance I’m trying to be demeaning). But Rob was not in pain. He was at peace. He knew what would happen and made agreement to it. He was ambitious and fought to make it happen. He died but only after he did what he wanted to. His passion got hold of lives of so many. They all came together because of him. He not only had achieved his goal but he also had peace. What is amazing is the fact that it is not because he bought peace, but he managed to somehow understand the meaning of it.

I was watching the film for the nth number of time but Rob never occurred to me. But today I understood the meaning of peace in bits (no one can understand it in its entirety as no one is god including God!). And it is immensely satisfying to know of certain things about life. At least to know that they exist.

It’s been ages since I last updated my blog because of all which was happening in my life. Most of it was concerned with COMPENSATING my attendance, to take it up to 90! It took me 38 hours in college and 6 days over all. And finally I left for home!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was excited, happy, sad and sadder, and mostly unsatisfied. I hadn’t expected to finish the term in such a way. It was one real bad phase of my life. And I mean it when I say ‘bad phase’. There are two reasons for me to call it so, first being that many events were simply undesirable and many were just too heavy to accept, and the other being that it has finished finally so I can call it a ‘phase’.

I wanted to get on with life and be with my dear ones. It was almost suffocating to be there anymore than I did. I left the city with a little bit of joy and mostly pain. I wish if it could have been a little better! But then, to experience these things are necessary in making a life, complete.

Life is definitely better here. I think just not better but fulfilling, to see people who care for you, and want you in their life. They really make life worth living. I needed them just at this moment and I have them. They have revitalized me and I’m back on track now. It’s like a new life and I’m living every bit of it.

Honestly, it’s peace which is all I need at this point in life.

Moral of the story- keep looking for different characters in films. Who knows you might get something new!!

Wednesday, May 5


The given is a story about this village landlord in the region of Bengal who is in his mid 40’s. He has a young child who adores his father for his integrity. The landlord gets a letter one day which leaves him baffled as he has to leave his land, because of being unable to repay a loan taken from the government. He tries through all means to repay but is unable to do so. His son understands his plight and sees him taking to alcoholism. Soon, after fighting a lot with himself, he succumbs to liver cancer leaving his child alone to take care of his mother.

( I thought I should also put up my assignment)